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University of Dope

University Of Dope

University Of Dope

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“General Studies Edition”

All the rhymes, rivalries, and reps are up for debate in this hip-hop game where there are no wrong answers. Make no mistake, dropping knowledge will most definitely help you rise to the top, but this boozy card-based competition relies on making difficult decisions and expressing unpopular opinions to spark friendly, heated discussions.

You and up to five opposing players must answer questions like "Which artist would you remove from hip hop history?" and "What's the best hip-hop soundtrack?" or show off on-the-spot abilities like rapping the lyrics to "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" or doing a 15-second impression of DJ Khaled. Majority rules will determine the loser of each round, so align with the crew's vibe, or find yourself lost in gin and juice. Can't keep up? You best refill that cup because school is officially in session.


144 Cards Includes

120 Play Cards

24 Answer Cards

3 to 6 Players

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